Thanksgiving Pics

As promised – pics!

I was ill-prepared and didn’t have a tri-pod with me so Nick and I took turns taking the family photos. It was a dreary day, but the rain stopped long enough for a little photo shoot outside.
Nick and Amy with Caleb – we were taking some photos for Nick’s website in addition to just family photos. The grey skies made it hard, but I think some of them turned out alright. Besides, it’s all about Caleb!
Caleb got to sit in his highchair with us at the dinner table! He was having a blast – cooing and ahhing and smiling at us. I stink with lighting – this one, I think there was no flash on and the ambient lighting was about useless. Someday maybe I will get it all figured out.
And then nap time after a long day of family and food. This is one of my favorites…again though with the lack of lighting skills!
Amy and Nick are such great parents – I am really proud of them and adore their little family. It is so nice to have extended family that we love too. Next year I will be dragging Neil out west with me, so maybe we’ll get some photos of him too. Maybe…

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