I know sometimes I get annoyed with our schizophrenic local weather, but mostly I dig it. I mean it goes from such extremes…

Early this morning I awoke to an insane thunderstorm directly over the house. It was cold – hail with almost freezing rain pounding down and lots and lots of thunder and lightening (I also found that I had all the animals piled in the bed with me…none of them like the thunder storms). It also knocked out the power for a good bit.
Then, less early, this morning it was drizzly and really, really cold – until all of a sudden it was sunny and 65 degrees out and windy…with tornado warnings, mind you. Overnight for tonight, our low is forecast to be around freezing. This weekend they predict snow. And I suppose next week I will be needing to break out a swimming suit. (Just kidding.)
But seriously…right now I think my house is going to blow away, but at least during the rest of the daylight hours that is OK because it’s almost 70 out. In December. Oh yeah, and this weather is screwing with my cell phone reception, internet connectivity, and general electricity – that part does annoy me.
It is kind of fun to watch neighborhood patio furniture go blowing by outside, though. There is some really random stuff flying around. Thank goodness (so far) none of it is mine.

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5 thoughts on “Weather!

  1. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I get to go out and reside half my house. (I've had problems before with this section of siding – I am going to temporarily fix it with some duct tape and call the builder.) *sigh*

  2. HAHA! That is actually what I am worried about. Last year whenever they called for snow, it was really ice (or it was snow that rapidly melted and then refroze into ice). Especially up toward the Triangle area – where I have a ton of reviews to do this coming quarter. Usually *knock on wood* it isn't too bad over on my side of Charlotte, but you never know!

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