Moo and the Monkey

As I mentioned (I think) in a previous entry, I stitched up the torn seam on a toy monkey that had been given to Moo when she was a brand new puppy and then gave it back to the dogs to play with. Sadie immediately latched on to it – she LOVES stuffed toys. She likes to find the squeaker inside and then rip it out…in the process, completely unstuffing the toy. This time, though, she was happy just tossing it around.

Moo would try to sneak in and grab it whenever she thought she could, but Sadie would just take it right back. Then Sadie needed to go outside to go potty…when we got back inside I found Moo in her crate:
She had her monkey with her. As Neil captioned this photo: 'Awww…wuv the munkee!'
Any time anyone (human or critter) would even seem to be coming toward the crate, she would pick up the monkey so it couldn't be taken away:
My MonkeyNo, you can't have it.Don't you get too close, kitty!

She kept a very close eye on everyone…even the kitties! It was hilarious! At one point I lured her out of her crate with a treat, except she had monkey with her. You could SEE the wheels spinning in her head. Once she figured out that she would have to put monkey down to take the treat she simply turned around and went back into her crate. Moo…the queen of all that is food and yummy…turned down a treat. That must be some kinda special monkey!!
She stayed in her crate, with her monkey, all night. She wouldn't even come sleep on the bed with me like she normally does. I told her she could bring her monkey, but I think she thought it was a trick. 
Eventually, the next day, Sadie got ahold of the monkey again and this time applied her usual tactics – she tore one of his ears off and started to pull out stuffing. So, now monkey is back up on the shelf, awaiting more stitching up before I give him back to Moo. I suppose eventually he will get unstuffed, but not just yet. šŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Moo and the Monkey

  1. Amazing. Living in a single dog household, I dont get to see these wonderful interactions! Teulu likes to disembowel the stuffed toys as well. I try to get the seasonal ones right after the holiday, because if hes going to spend an hour destroying them, I dont want to spend 6 bucks on one!

  2. Sadie used to have some crazy traits (still does!) due to living solely around cats most of her life…she, of course, has taught some of them to Moo. For instance, the growling and fur up when playing…Sadie picked that up from the cats, I think. Also, they both rub on things like cats do…my dogs are freaks, what can I say? šŸ™‚

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