We went to see the matinee of Avatar 3-D yesterday. I enjoyed it a lot. The plot was very nativist and (I thought) trite, so don't expect anything new or mind-blowing there and the corporate head-honcho character annoyed the crap out of me with his apparent wishy-washiness (I don't want to throw in any spoilers so I won't go into any more detail). The movie itself though was stunning. It is amazing how far 3-D technology has come…I remember watching some 3-D movie as a kid with the red and blue glasses…this nothing like that.

A friend on Facebook asked about getting nauseous…I could see someone feeling ill if you have a tendency toward motion sickness. Even with the advances, the 3-D sometimes has trouble keeping up with the fast action (I learned about the whys and such from Neil LOL) which sometimes makes it feel a little wonky to watch. I noticed in some of the fast action scenes people became sort of see-through…I think that was how my brain was processing the images.

And I would definitely caution against sitting too close to the screen – our seats were almost all the way at the back of the theater in the dead center of the row (which was amazing considering the theater was already packed when we got there!). And I can't imagine trying to keep up with the action while watching it on an IMAX screen. With that said, our friend who went with us was worried about that because she tends to get ill and she LOVED the movie. I believe her words were "the best movie she's ever seen".

All that aside, it was beautiful. It is long (nearly 3 hours), but I sat through the whole thing even after pounding a 32 ounce Coke at the start of it. 😉 The scope of it really draws you in, and even with the script predicatbility, you want to keep watching (well, _I_ did anyway).

My only other gripe about the movie is that they recycle the glasses…mine looked like someone had taken fine grain sandpaper to them…so check yours out in the lobby before you get into the theater (I didn't).

Bottom line is, I would recommend seeing it in the theater for the spectacular imagry. If you are worried about cost, do what we did and hit up a matinee (still not cheap, but much less than prime time). :) 

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6 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. Good to know about the 3D aspect. If/when we go to see it it probably won't be in 3D – at least if we go to our local theater. And knowing about the motion sickness thing if you're sensitive I'd probably get sick. I can't read in the car (even to look at a map) and can only handle so many roller coasters before I start feeling sick. Hopefully next week we'll get to see this. And we always go to the early shows on the rare occasion that we see something in the theater. Although here I think even the expensive shows are *only* $6. But the theater's not fancy and they don't offer 3D films. Anyway, glad you liked it!

  2. I love to go to Matinees. I dont think I;ll be seeing Avatar, but I am interested in the technology of the entire thing. I had heard on the news that it was making some people feel nauseated. I hope though that people will go. It seems tha the film is quite a breakthrough in film, so I hope it will be supported as if was a bit expensive to make. The filmmaker said he thought of it as a "chick flick" which I found funny, as I think it might be popular with the gamer population (chicks and guys) but, he probably know the audience better than I!

  3. We saw this today! I agree that the story was kind of blah and definitely predictable. Andrew and I were wondering if the special effects got more attention because there was a lot that could have been done to enhance the story. I'll have to post a review and include spoilers on LJ (since you can do a cut there). I wondered if I'd like it and I did. It'll likely end up in our DVD collection when it comes out.

  4. I could totally see them turning it into an actual game…if they haven't already. LOL I don't keep up much on that. I am amused he called it a chick flick too! Most guys I know went to see it (or want to see it) because of the technology used to make it.

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