The Trip

I made it there…about two hours before the insane storm came in. Lots of wind. Crazy rain. Thursday was mostly spent hanging out inside doing a lot of nothing like reading. Thankfully, the crazy weather stopped in time for us to walk to The Court of Two Sisters for dinner. Fabulous food! I had bbq shrimp to start and then some pork tenderloin dish for dinner with cherries jubilee for desert. Nomnom!

Friday (Christmas) we again spent most of the day hanging out inside reading, watching movies, etc. Everything was pretty much closed so there wasn’t much reason to be out an about. We had 4pm reservations at The Bombay Club. Dinner wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t great either, especially for the prices they were charging. When we got there, it was almost a comedy of errors watching the staff scurrying around..I am guessing they screwed up reservations and were trying to figure out where to put everyone. I don’t know. Otherwise, they were just totally unorganized and had no idea what they were doing. The service at all the places we went was slow as molasses in winter…but some was definitely better/friendlier than others. This was probably the worst. And then to add insult to injury, they automatically added a 20% gratuity to the bill (for a table of three). Seriously? I am assuming it was because it was Christmas Day…who knows. Neil and I were wondering how many people didn’t notice and added an additional tip to their tabs. Oh, and I should also mention that our waiter had also charged us for a $45 bottle of wine that we didn’t order or drink. That was removed, but it was very indicative of what the entire evening was like. I am thinking that on a typical evening there, the experience would probably be better, but after our visit there, I wouldn’t ever go back to find out.
My favorite meal/restaurant of the trip was our lunch (brunch) at Brennan’s on Saturday. Holy moly was the food awesome. It is the original home of Bananas Foster (which I had and was delicious) along with Eggs Hussarde…thank goodness we did a lot of walking on Saturday. I ate more in three days than I normally do in a month.
We also did a graveyard tour on Saturday and rode one of the carriage tours later Saturday night. It was an OK trip, but mostly I feel like I flew to another town to sit around in a very dusty old house (we stayed in a historic home int eh French Quarter that has been divided up into downstairs and upstairs units) and mostly do stuff that I could have done in the comfort of my own home for a lot less money. I mean the history was interesting as was getting to see the architecture of the Quarter, but I can definitely say that I’ve been there, done that, and it won’t be at the top of my list of places to go back to any time soon.
Oh yeah…and I came home to wake up to a cold that has settled right into my throat and chest. Neil has some sort of nasty flu thing that hit him in the airport on our way home yesterday (rather than a fever, he got all freezing cold and clammy). And Moo is limping like crazy and barely putting any weight on her leg – I am certain she over-did things at the kennel.
My overall assessment of the trip is that it was nice to spend time with friends, but I wish I hadn’t gone. We could have spent time together here relaxing…we could have gone out for fabulous meals (with WAY better service) here…the dogs could have stayed home…and, hopefully, we all could have avoided the misc plagues we picked up. I feel really bad because the others were so excited about this trip and I feel like I was a total downer about it, but I just didn’t want to go and nothing wowed me into changing my mind once I got there. Next year I am NOT going anywhere and am actually going to have a quiet, relaxing Christmas that I will enjoy. Even if it means doing it alone.
Oh – I have some photos up on Flickr…there will be lots more, I just have to sort through them all. My camera (or maybe it was just me) was having focus issues it looks like, so if you feel like you are looking at something and you can’t quite focus on it, that’s because it isn’t sharp to begin with. But I am sharing them anyway, because they are all I have from the trip. Also, NOTHING is square or level in New Orleans, so I apologize for any vertigo anyone might get looking at some of these. Not my best work…let’s just put it that way.

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