Chocolate Toxicity & Dogs

I found a nice link with good info about different chocolates and their toxicity to a normal dog (meaning the dog isn't especially sensitive to the compound in chocolate):

My Dog Ate Chocolate

I found this because Moo decided to grab the remnants of my peanut M&M's that I had here on my desk. I am so out of it with this darn cold that I forgot to grab them and put them up out of reach when I got up to take the pooches out for a potty walk. Needless to say, when I got back inside with Sadie, Moo had finished off the bag.
She (so far) seems to have a pretty ironclad stomach when it comes to the things she gets into…I hope that holds true for the stupid chocolate. We'll see. At least I am home all week, except for later tonight, but Neil will be here so she won't be alone.
Also, I discovered on that website link that there is an Animal Poison Control Hotline phone number. Apparently there is a small service fee for using it, but what a good thing to have around – especially when you own a lab who will eat anything and everything!

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Toxicity & Dogs

  1. I had a dog, Loibby (my first dog of my own!) who adored Chocolate. She once ate an entire brownie pan of brownies. SHe was extremely active, but fine. Unfortunately she developed Lymphosarcoma, so, until she passed she got a few M and M's daily. Wow, a poison control hotline, That is useful. Teulu eats a lot of stuff….he grabs it sometimes when we are walking. Most recently, a hard pretzel and eeew, a not baked cinnamon roll.

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