Project 365 – 2010

It could be the cold medicine making me a little obsessive about things, but I am really determined to complete this this time around (and have fun with it)! So, the more I think about it, I've decided to add a couple things to it…

I am also going to embed into this project a 52 weeks of the critters. Sadie is getting on in her years, regardless of how much she acts like a puppy. Moo – I managed to go over a year without any photos of her to speak of (how does that happen?). And the kitties…well, they are darn cute and I don't want anyone feeling left out. So, at a minimum, one photo a week will be of one or more of the critters with another minimum of one photo of each of them each month. (See? I can rotate through them each month with one a week…or so.)

Not that I really have to make a rule of using the animals as subjects since they are always my fall-back, but I want to be consistent with it so I have a year long monthly record of each of them. I'd try to do the same with Neil, but yeah right…I'll be lucky to get ONE decent shot of him all year. He refuses to be on the exposure side of a camera.


Anne's Rules for Project 365 – 2010:

  • A photo a day, regardless of how mundane (duh…365, right?)
  • An attempt at working on general photography skills when taking said photo. However, perfection is not a requirement…
  • One photo a week will be of one (or more) of the critters, rotating so each critter has at least one photo a month
  • I will attempt (though make no promises for the one-day trips, which generally aren't to any place fun, anyway) to shoot at least one photo in each city I travel to for work – typically I travel every week
  • I will post my photos here on Vox at least once a week (I will also have special 2010 sets on Flickr for each of the critters as well as the entire 365 project)

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One thought on “Project 365 – 2010

  1. I like your goals and rules. In 2007 I wanted to include one photo of each of the foster dogs we had throughout the year. Since we only have two critters it's easier to include them regularly. 😉 Happy Day 1!!

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