A better photo…

I am so excited!!! I finally got a photo of one of the wrens that come to sing to me on my back patio each day! OK – I am not sure they come to sing to me, but they do come and sing daily. However, I am finding that they are a shy bunch and fly off at the first hint of motion nearby.

I was able to get the blinds open far enough in the kitchen nook to snap some shots before the sun went down behind the houses: 
What pleases me the most is that it seems the camera is not the focus issue culprit. Rather, it seems it is my one lenses. Neil thinks it can be sent in to be adjusted which will hopefully fix the problem. In the meantime, it will force me to play around more with my other lenses. Really, I need to win the lottery so I can upgrade a lens or two. Ha!
I should have made this my photo of the day for the 365 project being that it is very much the better photo, but the other is much more representative of my day today and thus will keep its place in the lineup. 

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