365/3: Snuggle Feet

Sadie has been my snuggle friend while I've been hanging out on the couch this past weekend. She always knows when I need some extra puppy love:

I was playing with the 50mm lens this evening – I had it all the way open at f1.8 but that made the DOF too shallow for what I was aiming for with this photo (I'd really like all her feet in focus and here only the bottom/center and right ones are). However, it was a good learning experience and fun to play around with. I lost my light so I will have to play with it some more tomorrow. 

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2 thoughts on “365/3: Snuggle Feet

  1. Her feet look small!And I'm glad that the focusing issues are with a lens and not the camera body. Good reason/excuse to get familiar with your others, right? 😉

  2. Exactly! LOL I am glad it is the lens too – Neil was saying that he had focus issues with his 28-135 lens at one point before I even knew him, so I guess it isn't an unusual thing. Apparently they can be sent in to a Canon service center to be adjusted.

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