Grumpy sick girl wants to crawl under a rock and hide…

I am feeling extraordinarily pissy today. I am tired of being sick. And more than that, I am tired of having to be sick and still buck up and do all the daily household chores – feeding dogs and taking them out for potty walks (in below freezing weather, I might add…which for around here is cold), cleaning litter boxes, doing necessary laundry and dishes, and trying to conjure up food for myself (I’ve been living on delivery pizza for lack of any extra energy to use to cook). The trip to NOLA was the harbinger of this plague. I really should have just stayed home like I wanted to and chances are I wouldn’t feel like death and would have enjoyed my vacation time. And Moo’s knee would be much farther along the road to recovery instead of the major set-back staying in the kennel seems to have caused (another source of my majorly pissy mood these days). She’s going to have to go back to the vet after I get paid again to see what’s going on there, and if nothing else, will have to be on my Rimadyl, which I don’t like.

My photo-a-day project has gotten off to an extremely uninspired and boring start. I have determined that it is my 28-135mm lens that is having focus issues, which is bad since that is my catch-all lens. I use it for everything, pretty much. *sigh* Right now, I am so grumpy I want to throw it all away, even with the excellent photo of the wren I grabbed yesterday evening (I am quite pleased with that one, I have to say).
Thanks to Amanda, I’ve been poking around on Pioneer Woman‘s website. There are some great tips/lessons in the photography section that have been some inspiration for me to keep going and to really try to learn how to use my camera (rather than just getting lucky with it).
Anyway – I played a bit with the 50mm this morning. Right now I am going to go back to bed and sleep more because I’ve used all my energy. Maybe this evening I will try some other things and get a creative photo worthy of the day. If not, at least I can say I tried.
This damn cold is going to be the end of me.

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