365/5: Ukulele

First, I want to say that I am starting to really have some fun and enjoy the photo a day project this year…though, I am sure it helps that I am slowly but surely starting to feel human again. As long as I don't move much or try to talk much, then I also don't try to hack up a lung.

Last night before a tasty dinner at Cajun Queen, Neil stopped by the music store to 'look' at ukuleles:
His definition of look is different than mine…this was taken in my living room after we got home from dinner.
It is a Kala tenor travel uke with a spruce top, mahogany sides, back and neck, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge. In other words, it is lovely. It also sounds really nice.

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6 thoughts on “365/5: Ukulele

  1. I like this shot. There's some sort of freezing a moment in time quality about it for me. I too am enjoying Project 365 so far. It helps having some friends also participating. I look forward to seeing their photos.

  2. Nice shot. I am now 100% sure that even though we are really far from each other, we had the same horrible illness. I look forward to feeling like I could go out for dinner…And I think thats funny about Neil's idea of looking…I guess he was ready!

  3. Thanks, Amanda! The more I look at it, the more I am liking it too…I definitely like the tones in it. (hahaha no pun intended, really, I swear!)

  4. Yeah – I think lots of folks I know have this crud. It hits hard and then teases with feeling a little better before knocking you back down again. Blech! And yes, I should know by now that when he wants to go look at something, chances are good we will be leaving with it. LOL

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