And she’s up! Oh no…she’s back down. (And 365/6)

Ugh. Yesterday was an OK day. Survived an all day phone call. Went out on a mini shopping spree with Neil and then to dinner (which was OH so tasty). Now today I feel like I ran a marathon or two overnight. (I am not a runner, for the record, and am about 40 pounds overweight.) My lungs burn. Muscles in my chest and back feel torn. I think I cracked a rib from coughing so hard and so often.

I did get a ton of work-stuff done today. I almost feel organized. Even talked to some higher-ups (including my manager) about new projects for the new year.
Speaking of projects…365/6:
I was so freakin’ tired of being stuck inside, so I ventured into the yard for a quick photo shoot. Unfortunately, the wind wasn’t wanting to cooperate and this photo was the only one with decent exposure that wasn’t blurry. I would have rather had something more simple but it wasn’t meant to be. I do intend to photograph these again though…I dig their shape and color – especially in the afternoon sun! (Crape myrtle husks…or is it crepe? I never know which is the proper spelling for the plant.) I’ve never really looked at them closely before. Pointy things. Moo likes to try to eat them off this plant in particular since it is the one by the back patio. Naughty Moo! (I swear, she’ll eat anything…literally.)
So, this was shot with the 70-200mm lens (at 200mm I think, f4.0 for sure) – some major cropping was done because the full photo was way too busy, and a slight adjustment to the exposure because the highlights were a little blown out. Even with all that, this is pretty close to what the original looked like out of the camera – that makes me happy! It means I am actually learning how to take a picture, rather than just clicking the button and waiting to get lucky.

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