Who says you can’t teach and old dog new tricks?

Or that they won't just go learn them on their own? 

The other night I made a passing comment to Neil that Sadie looked bloated…her tummy was HUGE (for her, anyway). Shortly after that, though I didn't recognize it for what it was at the time, I noticed the cats were being very friendly and excessively talkative. Both cats slept on my chest all night…the next morning it was as if they hadn't eaten in years as I prepared their daily treat of soft food. And that is when I discovered their plight – the kibble dish in the cat room that I had refilled to the top the previous morning was devoid of any trace of food.

While I didn't have proof, I strongly suspected based on the poops Sadie made and her overly full tummy the night before, Sadie had wriggled under the gate and eaten the kitty food. How she got back out with that tummy is something else entirely.
All that said, I caught the little dear red-handed today…the dog who used to not finish her own food. Who would go days without eating anything because she is so finicky. Oy! Moo is completely confused. For once the scolding was not at her. Sadie got in big, big puppy trouble. She is now relegated to her chair for "time-out". 
Now begins the search for a new place to put the kitty kibble bowl that they can still get to, but neither dog can. I would put it back on top of the bookshelf in the kitchen, but OP falls a lot trying to get up there, so I need somewhere else. I was thinking maybe on top of the desk credenza in here since he likes to hang out up there anyway, but I don't want kibble crumbs all over my desk. Though, I may just have to tough it out for a bit until I can find another alternative. the gate will still remain up so that Moo stays out of the litter boxes, but that's about all it will be good for.
I've considered installing a cat door in the laundry room door so they can get up to the bonus room…I could put a second cat tree up there, keep the litter boxes up there, and their food. The problem with that is then I would also need to haul the vacuum up there to vacuum much more often that I do now. Which wouldn't kill me, I guess, and it would free up the guest room again. We'll see. Nothing will happen up there until there is power, though.

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6 thoughts on “Who says you can’t teach and old dog new tricks?

  1. Bad Sadie! I do think that dogs continue to learn and figure things out even when they get older. LOL at Moo being confused because for once she wasn't getting in trouble. Good luck figuring out the food and litter box logistics.

  2. She got SO excited when she realized it was Sadie getting in trouble. It really was hilarious. And thanks – I'll figure something out, or else the cats will ust lose a few pounds. 😉

  3. Oh no. Cat food, by the way, is not good for dogs. It has some sort of different composition. Dog do love it. ANother good reason for me to stick with just a dog and the fish.

  4. Yeah – cat food is very, very high fat and protein compared to dog food…and boy did I know it when taking Sadie out yesterday! LOL The vet said it wouldn't hurt her though, but that she shouldn't eat it all the time (duh!)

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