365/8: Moo

Moo's knee just doesn't seem to be healing right. She was doing so well after her surgery…right up until the kennel. I am having such huge guilt about not just staying home with her. In my gut I knew I should, but at the time there was guilt that the trip was my present for Christmas and that I would seem totally ungrateful and whatever if I didn't go…

I can't win for anything it seems.
At any rate, Moo is using her leg even less now than before her surgery. The swelling has become visible…there is a lump on the inside of her knee. The Rimadyl was making her barf, so I am not sure of there are any alternatives the vet can offer or not. Mostly, I just don't know what to do for her. She is obviously hurting and not feeling well, and yet she is still the sweetest dog with her snuggly love and wanting to play and hang out with the people. 
The past couple days she has been really restless – I imagine she is bored out of her mind with me being sick and sleeping all day long. And yet she's been (mostly) so good…chewing on her bones and just hanging out nearby. Tomorrow we are going to try to get her over to the vet to see what they can do for her…or rather, Neil said he would try to get her over there since I have an 8:30am car appointment. 
There is always something, isn't there? Oh yeah, and I think I have a broken tooth…that will be addressed next paycheck.

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2 thoughts on “365/8: Moo

  1. Poor Moo. I hope you get some good (and not expensive) news tomorrow at the vet (or that Neil does). I'm glad she's being mostly good through all of this. She's the one who talked Sadie into being bad earlier. 😉

  2. *laugh* I think you might be right. She coached from her crate the first time around…probably trying to get Sadie to bring her something. LOL

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