Back from the car shop and Moo from the vet…car got its oil changed and tires rotated. Everything else got a clean bill of health there.

Neil came and took Moo to the vet early this morning (really, I have an angel for a boyfriend, but he'd never admit to it). Thankfully, this vet is gentle and didn't poke around too much at Moo's knee seeing as how it obviously hurt (I am still under the impression that though it was probably already well on its way, the vet I took her to way in the beginning of all this finished off the ACL tear with her examination…I understand the need to move it around and poke at it to see what's going on, but it seemed excessive…alas, I digress). Neil called me at one point and put me on speaker to discuss new med options with the vet – Moo is on a different anti-inflamatory (the other option was prednisone, which, with her history of incontinence, I try to avoid. Besides, she sometimes has to take it for her ears and I would rather keep its use to a bare minimum.) She also got a separate pain killer and some doggy Pepcid AC to help with her upset tummy. Hopefully, the new stuff won't upset her stomach, but at least we have some relief from that if it does.
Hopefully this will all help. If it still doesn't seem to be getting any better, then the vet did say to bring her back and they could sedate her and take a better look at the knee itself. 
So, with that minor emergency handled and the car maintenance taken care of, now I need to get together a grocery and sundries list so I can get some shopping done. There is absolutely nothing to eat in the house. The messy, messy house. 

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2 thoughts on “Update…

  1. Thanks, Amanda! Me too…mostly I am glad that the vet wasn't overly concerned at this point with the swelling. It seems that it is pretty normal, though Sadie's knees never swelled like this, so I had nothing to compare to. I guess Moo is just a wuss. 😉

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