365/9: Bonnie

Yeah, yeah…another kid pic. I have zero inspiration or creativity lately. I am bummed out about my other lens (which would have been much better suited for this photo). Anyway, enough whining lately…here is the BonBon, aka Bonnie Belle, or just Bonnie:

Even with a high only in the 20's, my house got hot with the sun out and I had to crack the windows for a bit to get some fresh, cool air coming in. The kids love that and all gather 'round to smell smells, talk to the birds, and get a closer all-sensory view of what's going on in the back yard. 
No clue as to what caught their attention here…probably a bird flying off. OP was lounging on the other windowsill with Moo's nose poking out beside him. Silly kids.
Too much screen in focus here. Too contrasty for my liking. But, it is a perfect capture of a true day in the life of my household, so I guess I can respect it for that. And I will love these memories when I am old and missing my kids.

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