Catching up…

This week has been insane…and it is only Wednesday.

I did get a small break in my day today that I got to spend wandering through Pier 1 Imports…they had some candles and scent diffusers on super-duper clearance sale, so I got a couple. Ginger peach and Ember. Nom nom nom nom! Love their scents!
Amidst the insanity so far this week, Neil and I took some time the other evening and played with his bellows and some random things from my jewelry box. The macro shots were fun and turned out alright, though the lighting and white-balance are a little off in some of them photos.
365/10: IcyFrost2

I also managed to grab some fun photos of the frost in the early morning sun the other day.
However, this last photo…I have no excuses for other than I’ve been sick:

And that brings us up to today…still need to grab a shot of something or other. I am sort of sad I forgot my camera when I was racing out of the house this morning. My ravels took me to the old part of downtown High Point. Some very cool architecture and great afternoon lighting…but of course, no camera to capture it with.
Next time…I will remember.

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