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Friday was a gorgeous day here – the temps got up into the 60’s and it felt like Spring was here. Of course, it was just a tease, but still, a nice break from the cold weather we’ve been having. The sunrise was spectacular – the clouds that brought the rain yesterday and today were starting to roll in. Unfortunately, the dogs needed tending to first so I missed the truly spectacular light and colors for my photo:

Still, this one didn’t turn out too bad.
Yesterday was a lazy day. I am still trying to unwind from my stupid, crazy week. Last night when I finally crawled into bed, I spent some time reading (re-reading, actually) one of my favorite authors: F. Paul Wilson. He does fun sci-fi meets sleuth/mystery books. I adore the characters that he has created and really like his story-telling style. I need to see if the newest book in the series is out in paperback yet and I also need to look into reading his other books. Also, the small book underneath is “A Dog’s Life” by Peter Mayle. For my dog loving friends, it is another fun read…and this one didn’t make me cry. I find it particularly funny, also, that it is about the author’s dog, and thus he makes fun of himself and friends when talking about the dinner parties that Boy’s people throw. Really, y’all should read it.
And I even remembered to use my foot cream last night…the winters are so amazingly dry out here. My mom used to tell us stories of growing up in Colorado and about how dry it got. Having spent the majority of my life in the Northwest where it is continually wet, I had no concept of “dry” weather until I moved out here. Now I understand. And let me tell you…in the summer, just because it is humid, doesn’t mean that you don’t still have dry skin. I am plagued year round now. If you want to know what the tube says on it, you can click the photo until you get to my Flickr page where I transcribed it. It is one of my favorite philosophy brand quotes.

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