That Rock-n-Roll Feeling…

365/18: Ibanez

Just catching up with my 365 photos…I went through a little rock-n-roll streak this week. Neil has had several of his guitars in the house this week which has offered up some great subject matter. They’ve lent themselves well to extra post-processing, since I’ve been missing any sort of daylight to shoot in. My interior lighting stinks for photography.

I do wish I knew how add some grain when I am processing my photos. These black and white ones need to be “dirtier”. Especially with the rock-n-roll theme…rock-n-roll is dirty. I like dirty.

365/20: Vox

Neil hates that I took a photo of the plastic Vox emblem on his amp that he keeps at my house here. I like it. He is just going to have to come to grips with it. It is shiny and contrasts nicely with the black amp box. Though, this one definitely needs more noise. Grain. Dirt.

I have a confession to make… I cheated on one of my pictures this week.

It was late. I was still working. I still needed a photo for the day. I really wanted to spend some quality time with Neil before I passed out into a sleep coma. the solution? Neil! He was sitting at the other desk in the office and my camera was on the desk. I asked. He did it. I figure since it was with my camera, at my request, and of a topic of my choosing, it still counts. I got my work done and we snuggled on the couch a bit. Then I finally conked out.

365/19: Gretsch

Isn’t it silvery, and shiny, and pretty? I admit, I tease Neil about his guitars, but it is out of jealousy. I would love to learn to play the guitar, though my preference would be acoustic (we have a nice one…I think it is an Ibanez), but my travel schedule leaves me little time to fit lessons in. Maybe someday. Until then, I will dream, and lust after Neil’s guitars.


One thought on “That Rock-n-Roll Feeling…

  1. It’s a Takamine G-series dreadnaught, the acoustic is.

    Errr, that sentence was horribly constructed. Thankfully, I think the meaning is intact.

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