Glass & Reflection

Themes seem the way to go lately with my photo-a-day project. The latest grouping is glass.

365/21: Glass

Again, I’ve played with using the cooktop as my stage and backdrop. It also makes for nice reflections, though I completely spaced on that fact when I was shooting the above green glass.

My sister went to WSU and gave me a set of these glasses for Christmas one year. I am not entirely sure what I had envisioned for this photo, but the result definitely isn’t “it”. Live and learn. I should not shoot when I am totally exhausted!

365/22: Go Cougs!

I am utterly thrilled, though, with the last photo of this bunch! It turned out even better than I had hoped. I was playing with a cut-glass bowl on the cooktop. I used the hood light as my main source of lighting along with the kitchen lights being on. The result was that it looked like there was a candle burning in the bowl. I really do love this one!

365/23: Inner Glow

This just goes to show me that if I take the time to really try to execute an idea, it can work. But I need to be awake and able to focus on the task at hand…which is not always an option around here.


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