Birds of a feather?

Note: I missed a day. I didn’t even do a placeholder this time. I simply missed a day. I started out fully prepared. I had my point-and-shoot with me as I headed to picturesque Asheville, NC. I even had fabulous light, dramatic clouds in the sky, and great architecture for my subject. Turned the camera on, only to watch it immediately shut down. Joy. Dead battery and no charger with me. *sigh*

By the time I got home , I was so exhausted and busy with household stuff I completely forgot to grab another camera and shoot something. C’est la vie. On to the photos I did take:

365/24: Woodpecker

What a horrid, dreary day to capture. I was actually stalking a titmouse the morning I took this photo. But of course, as soon as I get lenses changed out on my camera, the shy guy decides to head back for the cover of the trees. There is a pair living in the trees behind my house. They come to the feeder regularly, but only stop long enough to grab a seed and then they dart back to the trees. I am not sure if it is that the other birds at the feeder are so boisterous and pushy, or if it is because there is little cover at the feeder this time of year, but that pair is shy. I will get them, someday, though!

Instead, as I was waiting in hopes the titmouse would return, I saw my friend. Mr. Downy Woodpecker. He loves to hang out in that tree when he isn’t feasting on suet and seeds at the feeders. For a diminutive bird, he definitely stands out on the bare tree.

365/26: Meet Wren

Meet Wren. Wren is the latest addition to our Apple aviary. Wren got her name because she will be providing us with beautiful songs and pretty things to look at, all packaged in a tiny body. She is replacing Myna (the AppleTV) in the living room. Myna will instead be joining me upstairs in the bonus room to sing to me while I work-out. (Yes. Work-out. I own a treadmill and have decided to use it. But that is news for another entry.) Eventually, with the assistance of a very large external hard-drive, Wren will also replace Birdhouse and act as the media server for our household. But that is still a little ways off. (For the record, Birdhouse is not an Apple device.) (Also for the record, yes, all my Apple devices are named after birds.)

That’s it for today, kids. Time to go do some more laundry and think about cooking something tasty for dinner. At least I hope it is tasty.


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