With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought LOVE would be an appropriate topic…

Sadie is a rather aloof dog. She loves to hang out nearby, but rarely snuggles (unless it is cold out!). She likes attention, but not too much. She refuses to share her sleeping space with anyone. And yet…every once in a while…she decides to show her brother and sisters that she does, indeed, love them:

365/28: Looooovvveeee you!!!!

Usually, it just involves a few gentle nudges with her nose. But, sometimes, she goes so far as to snuggle with her chosen victim. Not long after I took this photo, she curled up right next to Bonnie and they napped together. It always makes me smile to see the kids getting along!

In a whole different manner of love…my new books arrived on Friday! I love F. Paul Wilson. As an author, that is. I adore the characters he has created in his Repairman Jack series and have enjoyed his ability to blend science fiction and general weirdness into everyday scenarios. I highly recommend his books to anyone who enjoys a little strangeness in a very well written storyline. His other books are equally well written, with fun main characters to follow…I’ve just not read that many of them. Yet.

365/29: F. Paul Wilson

Back to more critter love…this last one is not part of my picture a day project, but fits the topic of discussion here. I happened upon these two snuggling when I came into the room to put away the clean laundry. They were so sweet together – normally they chase each other around the house trying to maul one another to death. It is reassuring to know that it is just play-mauling (I hope).

Kitty Love


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