I live in the South. It isn’t supposed to snow here…not down where I am anyway. Maybe in the mountains, but here? And if it were just snow, that would be OK too…but here we also get ice, wind, and freezing rain. The result is quite pretty:

365/31: Snow!

Unfortunately, the ice made it so that the birds couldn’t get through to the birdseed so I put some breadcrumbs out to help tide them over. It also made it so we couldn’t go anywhere Saturday.

365/30: Winter Mockingbird

I also have a heated water dish that I put out for all the critters in the winter and overall, they seem to have fared just fine. Now things are melting – everything except my front walk and driveway which get no sun in the winter. I hoping tomorrow will be warm enough for me to at least be able to break up the ice and get some of it cleared away. Of course, “they” (the infamous they…) are calling for more ice and freezing rain tonight through tomorrow morning and then again over the weekend.

I can’t wait for Spring to get here.


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