Project Pictures

It has been a rough week on the 365 photo project front. The dreary, cold weather. Crazy, busy work days. Feeling less than 100%. It all added up to missing a couple days and the days I did shoot, the photos are rather lackluster.

365/32: Better than a placeholder...

I would have much rather spent my week snuggled in bed reading my book than doing anything else. Alas, that just isn’t how life works, is it?

365/33: Stew

I did finally make beef stew. It turned out to be very tasty. This photo is somewhat less than appealing…it was straight out of the fridge and thus…cold. Just like everything else this week. (Is it Spring yet???)

365/35: E V I L

To top everything off, I’ve also been having serious chocolate cravings. I’ve had a huge zip-lock bag full of leftover Halloween candy that has remained mostly untouched until now. I think I might just throw the rest away to avoid eating it all, but that seems such a waste!

365/36: Snuggle-Cat

Bonnie had the right idea. She spent most of the week snuggled up in the kitty-cave that she made. I’ve had a blanket that I washed, piled on the dining room table waiting to be bagged up for storing. It looks like I will need to wash it again first -Bonnie burrowed into it and made herself a cozy little hiding spot. She was pretty perturbed that I turned on the light in order to get a picture of her.

She is sweet though and has forgiven me.

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