Caught Up!

Finally. All caught up on photos for the photo-a-day thing…this week seems headed for a Bonnie-theme. She’s been a very naughty kitty – first making nests in my clean laundry (as seen in my previous post) and then caught on top of the kitchen cabinets:

365/37: Naughty!

She is very intense looking here. Getting ready for Crazy Cat to emerge and zoom around the house. Though, I have to admit, it is disturbing to have her looking crazy while being over my head. You ever get that feeling you’re being watched???

This morning she decided to really go for it. While hauling things out to Neil’s car this morning, she made a mad dash out the front door. She is faster than either of the humans in the household…

365/39: Escaped!

I finally caught up to her stalking birds from atop the bird bath. She is nearly impossible to catch once she gets outside. Luckily, she doesn’t like being out for long and comes in on her own. Currently she is sleeping on the chair in front of the window here. Safe and sound. (My cats are indoor only when I can prevent their escaping.)

I’ve been working on creating a kitty-only space in the house. One that can house their litter boxes and food dishes without worry that the dogs will get into them. So far, I’ve got some make-shift areas, but nothing ideal. Last night I finally purchased a small dog door to install in my laundry room door. This will give them access to the bonus room over the garage (it is finished and is the guitar/exercise room).

365/38: Kitty Door

The real trick is getting them to use it once it is installed. And also keeping the dogs from getting their heads stuck in it (though, I think Sadie’s is the only one that will fit through the opening). I figure it should make for many a funny photo to come!


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