365 Photos…45 through 47

I seem to have ended up a day behind…my picture taken dates aren’t matching up with the 365 count. My goal to remedy that is to take two photos today which will catch me back up and put me back on track. I am too lazy to go looking to see where I messed up. I know I’ve missed a couple days and have posted make-up photos which I am sure is where I did it.

My schedule this week was chaotic. Seriously so. I feel like I am behind with work stuff and that I will never catch up. Between conference calls, projects, and my base job responsibilities, I’ve no time for pictures or I’m too exhausted to take them – I crashed on top of my work papers in the hotel room at 7:30pm the other night…I m not exaggerating when I say EXHAUSTED. My trusty iPhone has saved the day just about every day this week!

365/45: Happy Glow

The kitties were being cute and I thought they were very fitting for a Valentine’s Day-themed photo. The reality is, OP was trying to push Bonnie out of the sunny spot on the carpet here in the office so he could have it.

Hmmmm. As I look at my photo-stream on Flickr to grab photos for this post, I think I’ve discovered where I screwed up my count! I took the above photo as a make-up photo for Valentine’s Day (Sunday). Then I took the following photo for Monday’s real photo, but completely missed taking one Tuesday.

365/46: Helllllooooooo!

I was attempting to capture Sadie being particularly cute on her dog-bed Monday night and just as I was snapping the photo Bonnie came peering around the corner to see what I was up to.

Tuesday I traveled. Tuesday was the day I passed out on my paperwork at 7:30pm. Tuesday was the night that I woke up to a call from Neil that I don’t really remember answering (I remember answering, I just don’t remember the conversation) – after that, I came to the groggy realization that I was still fully clothed. Photos? What photos? The thought to take one never occurred to me during Tuesday.

Which brings us to yesterday:

365/47: Mmmm! Beeeerrrrrr!

What to do, what to do? While waiting for a flight after a long couple days of work…drink a beer of course! St George’s Golden Ale hit the spot (along with a seared tuna-steak sandwich, that was surprisingly excellent for airport food)!

My vow for this afternoon/evening is to take two “real” photos and post them. That will get me back on track. I will feel better about myself for having done so.

Tomorrow is Friday. Thank goodness.


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