Spring Fever!

The kids are restless. This morning I caught Bonnie poking at anything that looked like it would move. Knocking things off shelves, desks, counters…sticking her nose in my coffee!

Air Fish!

The kitties got a new tree this past weekend to climb on and sleep in. They seem to love it, though they are still working at staking their claim on the three “nests”.

Even Sadie is causing mischief. Recently she has become fixated on playing tug-of-war with Moo…

The action shot...

I had to include the out-of-focus-but-oh-so-funny action shot. I think Sadie’s expression is priceless. Moo is never really sure what to think when Sadie gets like this, but she isn’t one to turn down some play, so she still participates. Her strategy is to gain the high ground. Very often I find her on the couch or their chair when they play.

365/54: Tug-of-War!

Sometimes things get a little crazy…but it doesn’t stop them! See? Sadie even plays blindfolded!

I keep telling them to relax, but I don’t think they understand. They try…but, really, does Bonnie look relaxed here?


At least OP is getting the idea.

365/52: Lounging

(Yes, obligatory photo of The Dude included because he is still one of the kids, even if it seems he is the only one unaffected by the recent Spring Fever outbreak.)


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