Springtime is Coming!

The robins are back! A huge flock of them showed up in my backyard a couple days ago and have been around every evening to feast on grubby goodies in the grass…

Spring Robins

Robins always look disheveled to me. I think it is the coloring in their dark feathers…they always look ruffled. Sort of like they just woke up.

Robin Red-Breast

I noticed last night that there were several cardinals hanging out with the robins. I think they were using the robins as cover to get to the bird-feeders. There were just too many birds for the mockingbird to chase them all off. I am hoping that other spring flocks will have that same effect and the mockingbird will give up. Otherwise, I don’t know what to do. The mockingbird seems to have taken over my entire yard, so moving the feeders isn’t even really an option. I’ve been going outside and shoo-ing it away when I see it sitting out there. I am at a loss, short of shooting the darn thing, as to how to get rid of it.


(For the record…I would never shoot a bird. Unless it were a weird situation like in The Birds where I was fighting for my life. Then I would. But not just to get rid of an annoying one. Yet…)


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