Spring Cleaning

The sunshine is shining. It is warmer out. Spring has sprung around here!

Spring Has Sprung!

My mom and sister and baby nephew are coming to visit at the beginning of May. Since my work schedule has me out-of-town most week days between now and then, I’ve started cleaning, reorganizing, and redecorating now.

I’ve been in need of new dishes for a long while, but have had a hard time justifying the cost since my old dishes were still perfectly functional. For my birthday my dad sent me some money, so I decided it was time to live a little. I made a stop into IKEA and finally found some dishes that I liked (I had looked several other places, and found ones I liked, but that were WAY overpriced) that were inexpensive to boot!

New Dishes!

In addition to the bowls and plates that came in the boxed sets, I also purchased some serving bowls that are just the right size to also be pasta bowls.

At IKEA, I also picked up a duvet and summer-weight down comforter. Bedding is another one of those things I’ve wanted to update, but couldn’t really justify the expense. This is the first year I’ve ever gotten a bonus at work, so I set aside a small amount from that to use. (The rest is in savings…go me!) In addition to the comforters stuff, I also found wonderful sheets that were on super-clearance:

New Bedding

Now all that is really left is to get the carpets cleaned and to get everything dusted and washed. And to find a play pen for the beebers.


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