Long time, no post! Life has been…busy. Not really even chaotic or hectic. Just busy.

Many moons ago (three weeks, actually) Neil and I participated in the PhotoWILD! photo shoot at the Carolina Raptor Center. It is their semi-annual fundraising event. I participated in the entire weekend which was nice despite both days being frigid. I think from now on I am going to stick with just participating in the fall session. There is better light earlier in the mornings and it is warmer. Then each summer they hold an auction event – each participant can submit a framed photo as part of a competition. There are prizes and then all submitted photos placed for auction with all proceeds going to the center. I’ve never managed to get organized enough to participate in the auction, but I am hoping to this year.

Panya: Mississippi Kite
Panya: Mississippi kite

The birds were show-offs as usual…and I swear, Sadie (leucistic turkey vulture) was trying to sell me a watch, or jewelry, or something shady. (Leucistic is a sort of semi-albino syndrome. Pure albinos have no pigmentation at all, including red eyes. She has some, but not at normal levels.)
52/13: "Psst! Wanna-buy-a-watch?"

Of course, when I asked her about it, she played coy with me…
"Shhh! Don't tell!"

I am pretty sure Russell (red-tailed hawk) was in on the gig. He too tried to entice me to buy questionable goods.
"Psst! Wanna-buy-another-watch?"

Jake (American kestrel) is just handsome…I needed to share his photo with you all, just because.
Jake: American kestrel (male)

At the end of each day this year, they did a flight show with some of the birds. It was my first time trying to photograph a moving anything, let alone fast birds in very low, bad lighting. I was pretty impressed with some of my results:

Cody: Harris’ Hawk
Cody: Harris' hawk (in-flight)

Willow: Barn Owl
Willow: barn owl (in-flight)

Sadie: Leucistic Turkey Vulture
Sadie: leucistic turkey vulture (in-flight)

The rest of my photos from the weekend are available on Flickr.


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