Kitchen Paint

Last weekend I took a couple of days off of work and spent the time painting the kitchen. My kitchen has been partly painted for several years and was the last room of the house to complete (as long as you don’t count the living room ceiling – I have to hire that out).

Kitchen Paint-22.jpg

I have never really liked my kitchen cabinets, but they were already ordered when I purchased my house and there wasn’t time (and I didn’t want to pay the change order fee) to change the color. But, they are aging nicely and I think in a few more years they’ll be alright. Heh.

53/14: Kitchen Paint-28.jpg

The kitchen color is the same as the dining room…eventually the ceiling will match the living room brown.

Dining Room

It feels good to finally have it all done. I’ve also patched up and painted all the nicks and gashes in the walls from the dogs (and the boyfriend). It is starting to look pretty darn good around here!


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