Backyard Barred Owl

Wow! After hearing owls hoot each evening and many mornings for the past four years, I finally got to see one in the trees behind my house! Even more amazing was that it hung out on the tree long enough for me to drag Moo back into the house (we were out for an evening potty walk), get my camera, change lenses, and get back outside to shoot some photos.

There were several mockingbirds in the tree and bushes below the owl screeching at it. I imagine they have nests close by. He (she?) just sat watching them…
Barred Owl-5.jpg

I managed to capture the blur of one of the mockingbirds as it was doing flybys on the owl. It was even making grabs at the owl – here it had just grabbed some tail feathers which is why the branch is moving.
Barred Owl-17.jpg

The owl really didn’t seem fazed at all by the mockingbirds or by me standing on the hill with my camera. He hung around for a few more minutes…
Barred Owl-19.jpg

Then decided it was time to head deeper into the woods. I could still hear the mockingbirds screeching at it, but couldn’t see them.
Barred Owl-30.jpg


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