Long Island

This week I traveled to the Hamptons for work. Specifically, Southampton. I loved it and definitely want to go back sometime just for fun. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I had extra time to kill this morning so I drove out to Montauk to check it out. It is a fishing community and is at the farthest tip of the island. Also gorgeous…it reminded me very much of back home in Gig Harbor (except everyone in NY has funnier accents).


It was too early to get to go see the lighthouse up close or to get into the museum there (7am), but there was still a great view from the parking area. I also hiked down to the beach, but didn’t get any good photos. The weather was really hazy. After the short stop here I headed back to Islip and managed to get an earlier flight home which was a blessing since some very, very nasty storms were blowing their way in just as we were leaving.

Now I’m home with Moo doing laundry to get the beach cabin smell out of my work clothes. (Just as an FYI – there are no hotels or motels in the Hamptons, only Inns.)


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