Good dog!

Moo started her Off Leash lessons a couple of weeks ago. Right now we are working on basics – sit, come, and place. We are also working on walking on a leash. Things are going fabulously at home or in our yard with just neighbor distractions around, but man, as soon as we get out into the neighborhood it all falls apart. Our lesson this Saturday is going to focus on how I can get and keep her attention. I think mostly it is just me…though, we also need to keep working on her associating the e-collar with looking/listening to me. Right now it is just an annoyance that interrupts her sniffing or barking or eating nasty things.

Here she is showing off her “place” on one of my dining room chairs. It is the first small area she’s done this in…she wasn’t entirely thrilled about it, but she did it!


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