Three years and counting…

My how time flies. Three years ago, July 28th, this creature was born:
The Birthday Girl

We “adopted” her from a co-worker of Neil’s who had set up a webcam so he could keep an eye on the puppies while he was at work…which meant we could too! Here is a screen shot from the feed when she was six weeks old (she’s the one sitting by the door):
New Puppy (6 weeks old)

Her full name is Lili Marlene – I really wanted to call her Lili, but somehow that didn’t stick and we ended up with Marly. However, she grew so fast that things changed again and we started calling her Moo (Moo-cow or Moo-head).
I told you already...this is MY ball!

Marly - 19 Weeks

By eight months she was pretty much full-grown:
Clifford, the big black? dog...

And here we are today…fully grown. Considered an adult now. And still acting like a puppy. Plllbbbttt!
(Please disregard the lack of focus in this shot…I was very ill yesterday, but had to get some 3rd birthday photos since I completely spaced on Wednesday!)


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