In the beginning…

I am not a runner.  That said, it was an invitation to run/walk a half marathon in March 2011 that started all this…

An online friend, whom I am quite fond of based on what I know about her from what she shares on the internet, responded to a comment I made on her blog with an invitation to run/walk a half marathon next March in Florida.

The invitation came after several weeks of strange dreams…in all my dreams lately I’ve run. Not running away from anything or chasing anything; I’ve put on running shoes, gotten up early, sometimes take the dog with me, but in general, I am a runner. As a hobby. As a fitness routine. Me?!?

So here we are. I agreed to do it and it only took me about a day to really decide.

I played soccer all through my youth. In fact, I would have probably kept on playing, but I tore up the tendons in my right ankle my freshman year of high school. The injury got me into swimming (I needed low to no impact activities) and I joined the school team. It turns out, I was a darn good swimmer. Even broke a school record that year. Then we moved.

I am painfully shy. I do not make friends well – I’ve never learned to play the social friendship games for long. Don’t get me wrong, if you meet me on the street I am not a sociopath who has no people skills. I can play nice for short periods of time, I just can’t maintain it if it isn’t how I really feel. I don’t tolerate flitty types or the drama queens and I don’t forgive easily. I am terrible at planning anything or inviting anyone out with me, so forget about me picking up a phone to call anyone. Thus very few friends. The up-side: the friends I have are true friends. Anyway, I digress…the move and my shyness kept me from joining either the soccer or the swim team at my new school. From there on out it was downhill with my physical fitness. Thankfully, I didn’t get fat until the past several years.

I am in the worst shape of my life. I weigh more than I ever have.

This blog will be an open window into what I am going through to get to race day. I am going to include stats with my weight, measurements, days left to the race, etc. You can get my mileage info from my DailyMile profile (which will also post to my Facebook ).  I imagine I will continue this blog beyond the race, but for now, the next seven months are plenty to think about.

I am using the Running Mate 5K 101 podcasts along with the C25K podcasts (as soon as I finish writing this I will be synching both my iPhone and my iPod with them). I liked that the Running Mate series also has instruction for breathing, cadence, etc. Being that I have never been a runner, I need to learn everything about it. At the end of August I will be going home to visit family and while I am there will also be visiting a family friend who is a runner and who happens to work in a specialty sporting goods store. I will need help finding good shoes.

For the time being, I will be starting things out on my treadmill here at home. Our weather has been simply too hot and too humid for an out-of-shape beginner to try to do anything in. (Read: I got heat stroke via dehydration two weeks ago from standing around and working with Moo at her group lesson…no exertion involved.) The good news is that my sister is a runner and will keep me on track (and will probably even run with me) while I am home visiting. And the weather there will be much more runner-friendly!

And last, let me address my worries. My concerns. My fears.

  • I am not an endurance type person – or rather, I never was. In soccer I played defense (not World Cup style…we were kids and we stayed close to the goal end of the field and put the speed on when the enemy was near). When I swam, it was short relay legs or short races. I am a sprinter. So, we shall see how this goes. Being as how I’ve never been a true runner, I figure I will train for endurance which should help.
  • Tendonitis – I has it. Heh. I am afraid my right ankle is going to give me trouble. However, I will be careful and do everything possible to avoid that, including seeing doctors/specialists as needed. I promise to stretch religiously.
  • Support – what if people laugh at me? Seriously, this has gone through my head since I’ve agreed to run this race. I am neurotic, I know, just bear with me folks. It will pass (I hope). But mostly, my boyfriend is not an athlete. He has no desire nor does he really understand why anyone else would want to do those things. I am going to need as much support and help from those around me as I can get and I am afraid that it won’t happen right here at home. I guess time will just tell with that one…

I think that about sums it all up. Here I am. Today is day one ….. and away we go!


4 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. I’ll be following along and supporting you from a distance. I could have written this post myself when it comes to your background (although I didn’t play soccer) and worries and concerns. Good luck on your journey!!!

    • Thanks, Amanda! I am excited and nervous and sort of all over the place about this right now. I imagine that will settle out and calm down in a few days.

  2. Hi Anne, Just a note to let you know I will be following you and keep you and your journey in my heart. I admire your commitment and commend you for taking this on in such a thoughtful manner. It’s a life thing, not just an exercise program, as you know. And YOU have a wonderful life. Your fan in Texas from Day One on, Carla

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