Leo Comes to Visit (a real post)

Leo came over for another play date the other day – his parents had to work and since he is still a baby I went over to let him out mid-day. He loves being around the other dogs so I brought him over for a bit for some romping (it’s good for the big dogs to have him here too).

King of the Castle

He also loves getting on the couch here. I think it is because then he’s at eye-level with the other dogs. Though there was plenty of random racing around the place too. On one lap through the house he discovered one of my stuffed rabbits in the guest room. I think his hunting nature took over because he grabbed that thing and raced around with it. He wouldn’t let it go!

Nature vs Nurture?
(Sorry for the noisy photo – it has been a while since I’ve used the point-and-shoot. I was struggling with the settings.)

Moo doesn’t know what to make of Leo (he is a spazz) so she usually retreats to her crate or to one of her “place” spots. When she does, she can’t figure out why the puppy still comes over to bother her.

Who are you?

However, dogs will be dogs and Leo really wanted to make sure she was who she was…or whatever it is that dogs are doing when they sniff each other.

Overall, a good time was had by everyone (I think) and maybe next time I will get better photos of the antics.


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