Holy moly…

No doubt about it…my body suffers when I don’t eat during the day.

First let me backtrack to Sunday – the run was rough. My lower legs were seriously feeling it, but I didn’t really have any problems finishing the series of intervals for the day. My shins, the tops of my feet, and my lower calves were in pain throughout most of the run, but then after I felt great! I am glad to report that it is all muscle pain and not anything that feels like tendons or joint issues.

Today was like Sunday only times ten. About ten minutes in my lower calves started cramping…I made it through the first four intervals and had to stop. I did, however, go back upstairs and finish the last four intervals and do lots of walking after taking about a 15 minute break. Go me! And now, I can feel my muscles, but I wouldn’t classify them as sore. Overall I feel great again.

My dilemma now is that I don’t know how or if I should power through cramps like those this early on in trying to get back into shape or if resting and stretching is the better route to go (I would stop to stretch before powering through, of course).  I am trying to avoid being a wuss, but I am also very determined to make it through these next six plus months to get to that race without injury.

Today is the last day of week one. I will run the first day of C25K week two on Friday and see how it goes. I may end up repeating week one.

Now we come back to my confession. I reverted back to my busy-work-day practice of not eating any lunch. I did eat a bowl of cereal this morning before I left the house and I drank a Gatorade thing midday, but that definitely doesn’t count as lunch. And then I came home and tried running 20 minutes of intervals. Not smart.

Also, I am very disappointed (but not surprised) that none of the sports bras that I ordered fit. One had excellent potential, it was simply a matter of the band size being too big. I have repackaged them to mail back with an exchange request for that same bra just one size smaller. Thankfully both the shipping warehouse and the return address are here in NC so I am hoping that their estimate of a three-week turn around time will be much less. In the meantime, I am going to keep looking around for stores that carry the larger sizes in stock.

And my lower left eye-lid still really, really, really hurts.

OK – I think I’m done whining for now. It wasn’t the greatest day, but tomorrow is a new one and will be better!


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