Almost there!!!

One more day and I will be on my way to Washington. Next week will be four work days out there (but I get to see family for dinner!) and then beginning Friday I am officially on vacation. WOOHOO!

Lots of activities taking place while I am there. My nephew is getting baptized and turns one! My sister turns…well, I won’t say even though she is younger than I am, but her birthday is the day before Caleb’s. And it is her anniversary…though, I’m not sure what kind of celebrating we’ll do (or they’ll do) since my BIL is going in for knee surgery. Poor guy. It is on his “good” knee. Growing old stinks!

Except when you are going from this:

To this:

(Photos courtesy of my sister.)

Then growing older is pretty darn incredible.

I can’t believe it has already been a year. Time is flying by so fast. I can’t wait to go see him and play with him and hug and kiss him!


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