The Adventure of Danger Girl

Meet Danger Girl. The newest addition to my furry menagerie. I rescued her yesterday evening after almost running her over on my way home from the grocery store. She had come tumbling out from under the car in front of me – it seems they managed to straddle her and it sent her rolling, but they didn’t actually hit her. *whew!*

Danger Girl

I slammed on the brakes and pulled over to go find her. She was in the ditch on the side of the road dazed and obviously terrified. I looked around for signs or sounds of a mommy kitty or siblings but didn’t find any. The road runs in front of the Freightliner factory near where I live so it isn’t a residential area. The poor kitty was infested with fleas and filthy; I brought her home with me.

This morning I took her into the vet to make sure everything was OK. The feline leukemia and AIDS tests came back negative (YAY!) and aside from a slight fever, ear mites, and fleas, she seems just fine. The vet estimates her at six to seven weeks old. Not really old enough to be away from mom yet, but definitely not old enough (they never are!) to be on her own on a busy road. The vet gave her a bath and a magic flea pill (not sure what the stuff is, but it killed all the fleas in about 30 minutes) and gave me some kitten Revolution to put on her in a couple of days that will take care of the mites and any remaining flea problems. She was also dewormed. Because of the fever we had to wait on vaccinations – she goes back in first thing Monday for the first round of those.

She is sweet as pie…Neil found her purr switch last night and man is it a loud one! She is feeling better after her bath and is taking lots of naps. The other cats are miffed that there is a newcomer in the house and are off sulking somewhere. Sadie has been guarding the bathroom where she is currently staying and is so sweet with her whenever she comes close (there is a baby gate up in the doorway now that I know she is safe to have around the other cats). Moo has no idea what to make of the tiny thing in the bathroom and I think wants to play with her like a toy.

Sleepy DG

DG knows how to use a litter box, ate some kitten chow last night, and slept in the kitty bed I put down for her. And today, after she had her bath up at the vet’s office, she also started washing herself. She must have been around mom at least long enough to learn the basics.


5 thoughts on “The Adventure of Danger Girl

  1. I commented on Flickr before seeing this post. I’m glad she checked out at the vet’s office. I’m sure she’s happy to be safe and being cared for. I love how big her ears are.

    • Thanks, Amanda! She is so darn sweet…and cute. I’m happy to have her here where it is safe, even if I hadn’t been planning on ever having tiny kittens around again. LOL

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