Itty Bitty Kitty

I think Danger Girl doubled in size the two days I was away this week! She can no longer squeeze into the desk cabinet via the air vent in the back. She is hitting the “insane kitty” stage…racing around like she’s lost her little mind; attacking everything (real or imagined). She attacked my toes around 3am. She’s cute, but the next few months will be sleep deprived, I think.

Everyone else is adjusting well. Except for Bonnie. Her new mission in life is to get outside (and I think away). Thankfully, so far it seems she just runs out to take a turn around the house and come back in the opposite door. While she is inside, though, she is good with the kitty.

No photos for this entry…I’ve been slacking lately. And also still need to get the photos from my trip home sorted and posted. Maybe I’ll get to that this afternoon. For now, soon, I will be going into town to get my hairs did.


3 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Kitty

  1. I’m sure that insane kitty phase can be fun but also get old after awhile. 😉 Hopefully once this stage passes Bonnie won’t be as eager to get away from things. Does she have a spot where she can get to that DG can’t follow if she feels she needs a break or some time to herself?

    • Yeah – it is cute, but after awhile getting your hands and feet attacked while sleeping gets old. LOL

      Bonnie can get up onto her perch in the guest room in the cat tree there – DG hasn’t quite figured out how to climb up that yet. And she is pretty good about not bothering the other kids when they are sleeping.

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