I feel good (aside from this head-cold)!

Day one of week five accomplished! And I really do feel good. I was nervous thinking about running for five minutes three times, but I should know better by now. My body (legs in particular) seem much happier jogging than they do walking on the treadmill.

Day two this week is two eight-minute runs with a five-minute fast recovery walk in between. Day three this week is a 20 minute run. That’s the one that now has me nervous, but only because this head-cold thing I have going on is messing with my ability to breathe well. Physically I think my legs will be ready for the 20 minutes.

I have some sort of head-cold or nasty fall allergies going on. My chest feels tight, I have cotton in my ears and throat, and my head is super stuffy. However, it isn’t enough to keep me home. Work is randomly crazy this quarter – well, not so random I guess. I have some really crazy weeks due to the number of holidays through the end of the year, but it also means I have some nice weeks at home. Overall, it works out well with my running schedule – by Thanksgiving I will be taking things outside to the streets at which point my plan is to run every other day. Hopefully, most of it will be outside, but if not, on a treadmill.

I’ve also sped things up a bit (started that last week). I don’t really know how accurate my treadmill is with distance/speed after the lightning zap, but I figure it is pretty consistent when comparing it to itself. It will be interesting to see how I do on other treadmills at the same speeds as I start incorporating running into my travel schedule.


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