I’m still here!!!

Or rather…mostly over here these days. Spilling my whiny guts about the running I’ve done and my frustrations with it (there are some triumphs too).

Here are some random updates on the rest of my life…

I haven’t picked up a camera and used it since I was home in Seattle (I still need to do some editing of those photos…someday). I joined my friend Amanda’s website (Alphabet Photography) hoping that would motivate me to get going with all that again, but thus far I’ve not submitted anything for the first three weeks. (Sorry, Amanda!)

I have tried to cook more when I’m at home. And I have craved sushi like nobody’s business. It is all I want, all the time! Though, the fish tacos I made for dinner last night were divine…maybe it is just fish I am craving. In any case, thank goodness it is fish and not potato chips or chocolate!

Work is strangely crazy this quarter. Thankfully this week is my administrative/office week…which translates into: I work from home all week. *whew* Last week I reviewed four branches. Next week I am reviewing five. So the weeks I am working/traveling are insane. I am grateful for all the holidays this quarter because they will be much-needed breaks between the crazy weeks.

Speaking of holidays – I have no plans! YAY! Nor will I be making any plans this year. I will be home, relaxing, and not dealing with travel or family or whatever. (I am sure something will come up…for now let me revel in my planlessness.)

On Saturday we resumed Moo’s group classes. She was completely horrible to all the dogs at the class. Not her usual barky, growly unsure self when she meets new dogs. Instead it was full-on lunging with teeth bared, fur up, and a “real” growl that meant she might take someone’s head off if she could get at them, even toward dogs that she knew. It was strange. I don’t think she has felt well and I am hoping that was making her unusually grumpy. (Fall allergies are making her ears bad again and I think she may have another UTI. The vet is seeing her tomorrow morning.) We tried to also do the Sunday meet-up but couldn’t find anyone. The park they are meeting at has several different/separate areas so next week I will be asking for more specific directions to the right place (I assumed they would meet at the main park by the lake where there is open space for working with dogs and such). Sunday was still nice – we threw a tennis ball for a long while and I let her splash around in the shallow area of the lake for a few minutes. It was a gorgeous fall day to play outside.

Today is nasty, rainy, muggy weather. Not fall weather. I am glad I don’t have to be anywhere today.

Danger Girl is growing up. I swear she gets bigger by the day. Today she actually got lovey when I pet her! She isn’t interested much in human affection, though she has no problem snuggling up with me when she is sleepy and she isn’t afraid of humans. She simply prefers her kitty brother and sister…and sometimes her doggy sisters.

I am trying new “green” cat litter. I was finding that having two litter boxes up where the treadmill is was making it hard for me to breathe…especially if I had cleaned them/refilled them the same day. The dust from the clay litter was coating everything in that room. I switched to a mixture of World’s Best Cat Litter (multiple cat) and Nature’s Miracle litter. Both are made from corn and are clumping litters. So far they are working very well. The cat pee smell is stronger right after the cats go, but then disappears as the litter soaks it up and does its clumping magic. it isn’t perfumed, it isn’t dusty…so far I like it. Later today I need to wipe everything down with a damp rag to get rid of the old litter dust.

Neil is in Seattle this week for work which is sort of nice. It will give me some extra time to myself for some book reading and some deep house-cleaning that I need to get done.

And with that…I don’t really have much else to share. Exciting stuff, isn’t it? Heh. What can I say? I like my boring life!


4 thoughts on “I’m still here!!!

  1. Boring is good! Hopefully whatever plans you end up with for the holidays aren’t the stressful kind. 🙂

    Do you expect your work schedule to calm down as the holidays and new year approaches or stay the same?

    Hopefully Moo’s issues over the weekend were due to her not feeling 100%. We saw a dog at the Doggie Dash (one of these days I’ll post about it) that reminded me of Moo.

    • Thanks, Amanda!

      Actually, as crazy as my schedule is, it is very manageable and I have a lot of local stuff to intermix with the long travel weeks. in fact I really only have one week away from home each month…and then I am home the last two weeks of December (some of that time is vacation time too, which is nice). I’ve also managed to make it work out perfectly with my running schedule.

      Was the dog a big whiny baby-dog with a huge head? LOL She goes to the vet tomorrow to see what’s up, but I think you are right and that her behavior is health related. She’s been so extra whiny and needy around the house too.

      The Doggie Dash always sounds so fun! I hope next year I can find one around here to run in with Moo. I look forward to hearing about yours when you get to it.

  2. Boring is definitely a relief from stress! I hope your holidays remain exactly as you want them. I am excited to see my family, but also sort of deep down dreading he routine change. (As well as the 12 miler I have to do in Rhode Island in December…brrr.)

    I swear, I need to be better at vaccuuming and such, I just find with all the running and such lately the couch is very inviting.

    • Yeah, I am a HUGE fan of the boring. And I am with you…if I were seeing family, that would be great (minus the travel woes), but I also dread the change…especially for running. Seriously, how do you even dress to run in weather like that? LOL I get so bundled up when it’s cold out I can barely move.

      I am pretty good about vacuuming, as long as I get it done during the early part of the day. And I am really, really bad about dragging it upstairs to do the bonus room where the treadmill is. And it never gets done on running days. I still need to figure out an actual running schedule…like time of day. I hate that much activity first thing in the morning, but it is even worse late in the afternoon. I might just have to suck it up and do mornings on the work-days. LOL

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