My Morning

4:43am – Moo starts whining
4:45am – Moo starts jabbing me with her nose while still whining
5:00am – I finally give up and get up (Sadie subsequently starts jabbing me with her nose)
5:03am – Make coffee
5:05am – Clean up dirt strewn all over kitchen from potted plant (for the first time)
5:10am – Take dogs outside
5:15am – Decide to skip coffee and try to go back to bed for a while
6:00am – More nose jabbing and whining – this time both of them are at it. I think a cat was standing on me too.
6:15am – Clean up dirt strewn all over kitchen (redux)
6:20am – Dogs out…again
6:30am – Wash dog bed cover – someone peed on it (I think dog…didn’t smell like cat)
6:35am – Go upstairs due to overwhelming stench of cat pee smell coming from that direction (bonus room is upstairs through the laundry room)
6:40am – Haul carpet cleaner upstairs and shampoo offending area
7:00am – Sop up water from water dish that was dumped all over kitchen
7:15am – Swap out laundry…dog bed cover to dryer, towels from water mess to washer
7:30am – Re-shampoo carpet because someone has already re-peed on area

It is now 10:36am – Since 7:30am I have: shampooed the upstairs carpet corner twice more (one more re-pee incident); finally found the cat-door cover and blocked their access while moving a litter box and food dish downstairs; cleaned up dirt from the potted plant three more times while also trying to cover it with tin foil, plastic wrap, and now cardboard; soaked the cat-peed carpet area with odor-remover enzyme stuff and put two fans up there, one blowing on the area to help dry it, the other aimed out the open window to (hopefully) waft the stench out of the house and not down the stairwell into the laundry room; done two more loads of towels and a load of additional dog blankets; only managed to have one cup of coffee; cleaned up shredded toilet paper that Moo spread all over the hallway and dining room; and chased Bonnie across the backyard and partway down the hill before finally catching her (lost a flip-flop in the process) after she darted out the back door when I went to take Moo outside (again).

I am grumpy. I am tired. I have a massive headache from inhaling cat pee fumes, carpet shampoo scent, and enzyme smells. And now I have a ton of work to get done (like actual business work).

P.S. This afternoon both dogs are headed to the vet…I think one (or both) of them has a UTI. I’m pretty sure the cats were just being ornery.


2 thoughts on “My Morning

    • Thanks, Amanda! Of course now they are all peacefully napping. I really think the full moon this week has something to do with it, too. It is a very good thing they are all cute. LOL

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