We don’t do Halloween at my house for many reasons. Mostly, though, it is because of the dogs. They get way too worked up with the little people ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door all night. And then there is Moo. She cannot be trusted not to steal candy off of shelves, counters, tables, etc. (That, and I just don’t need the candy around the house…I have no will power.)

This year a friend wanted to come hang out at my house where there are far fewer trick-or-treaters to do Halloween. I said sure not really thinking about it. When she arrived with several bags of candy, we set them on the dining room table while going back out to let Sadie go potty and to talk to the neighbors for a few minutes. Moo was left inside, unsupervised. Bad, bad, bad move on my part. _I_ should know better.

By the time we got back in the house, Moo had eaten a quarter of a bag of Kit Kats…wrappers and all. Thankfully, the total chocolate intake on that isn’t as much as it sounds and it is milk chocolate. Vet said she should be fine. This morning she barfed up a wad of wrappers, so hopefully those are all out of her system. *sigh* I hate leaving her at the kennel, but at least I know there will be people around to keep an eye on her (which really is the point of taking her there anyway).

With that little story, I am off to finish packing…I’m headed to central VA this week. I’m driving which should be pretty this time of year. Hopefully, I’ll have some photos to share.

4 thoughts on “Halloween

    • I must say, it is amazing how well the red dye dissolved right into my carpet from the wrappers. Thankfully, she seems to feel fine. And thanks for dropping by!

    • Yeah – it seems to come in waves. And I am noticing that the waves seem to come when I get too complacent with them and am just not keeping a close enough eye on things around the house. Someday she will grow out of this stealing phase, right? LOL

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