Road Apples

“How about dem apples?!?”

Har. Har. Moo has decided they are delectable.  We went on the group hike today out at the Latta Plantation where there is an equestrian center who also uses the trails (this is also the same park/nature preserve that houses the Carolina Raptor Center). Moo discovered road apples. There wasn’t much to worry about in regards to aggression to the other dogs today because she was too side-tracked with trying to snarf them up as we walked along.

She did meet her first horse, ever, on the trail. That caused a ruckus with several of the pooches. Moo was beside herself – good experience for her, but I definitely need to expose her to more unusual/different situations.


6 thoughts on “Road Apples

  1. I’m a horse girl from way back, and I’m with Moo. Although I’ve never tasted one on purpose (clean enough stalls and it will happen accidentally), I do love the way they smell. Only other horse nerds understand this. Everyone else goes, “EEEEEWWWW!!!” 🙂

    • LOL – I don’t mind the smell at all, though the thought of eating them (or my dog eating them) still makes me say “Eeewwwww!” Mostly it just smells like horses and hay to me. 🙂

    • Hehehe! I am sure she’d eat those too! Yesterday she was snarfing up acorns from the oak trees in the other park we were at…the paths were covered with them.

  2. I used to go hiking once a week with a coworker. Her dog was usually off leash. Well, one day heard a terrible ruckus in the brush and out came a huge deer! Her dog (some kind of herding dog) had rustled up a deer and was herding it towards us!

    I looked at my friend and said “Oh my God! That’s a deer!” Then the deer ran away from us and the dog. The dog looked so upset that we hadn’t tried to help catch it.

    • HA! That story made me laugh out loud – that would be something my older dog, Sadie would totally try to do. And I know exactly the look you mean…that “how come you let it get away?!?” sad look. These days she just points at them when they are in the clearing down the hill from my yard. 🙂

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