Daylight Savings Time

Thank goodness it is over. Or maybe I should wish we’d just stay on it forever? Either way, this bouncing the clocks around has really got to go. It messes with people – businesses have to deal with appointments who show up late (or early when we “spring forward”). Recurring meeting times get all wonky (especially if some attendees live in places that do not participate in DST). Team members come scrambling into work half-awake because they forgot to update their alarms, or in the case of those European users with iPhones, because Apple screwed something up with the alarms and the DST settings in their latest OS. (Shame on you Apple, DST isn’t a new thing! Though, I’m willing to cut you a little slack since several countries, including the USA, have started messing with the time change dates.) I actually had the opposite problem with my iPhone – my alarms were going off an hour early the week prior to DST ending. I had to manually set them an hour ahead to wake up at the right time all of last week.

DST also screws with nature. Internal clocks. Especially internal animal clocks. My dogs get up at 6:30am daily. That’s pretty much when I get up, or rather when Neil’s alarm goes off when he’s here. As a puppy that is the schedule we “programmed” Moo to try to keep her from waking me at 4:30am. Programmed is definitely the right word. Yesterday and today at 5:30am sharp both dogs were poking at me because I wasn’t up yet. And the pitiful looks I got last night at what they thought was dinner time! Dogs can’t read a clock. They don’t tell time. Their bodies let them know when it is time to get up, eat, sleep, etc. I am trying to slowly adjust their feeding schedules by about 5-10 minutes a day. However, I must admit that my internal clock also had me wide awake at 5:30am. Which really isn’t a terrible thing. I do not claim to be a morning person, or rather, just don’t try to communicate with me or get near me in the mornings. I love being up and productive early in the day, I just don’t want to deal with other humans until after I’ve had a cup or two (or three) of coffee.

I have yet to have anyone give me a good, modern-day reason for needing DST. The few places out there that have refused to buy into it (the Phoenix area in AZ for one), more power to you! I wish the rest of the powers-that-be would join you on this particular matter.



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