Craft Time – Oil Diffusers

I am no Martha Stewart…in fact, I rarely (if ever) do anything crafty. However, this evening I did a little, easy project that I am quite pleased with.

Scented oil diffusers are all the rage these days…and I am particularly fond of Pier 1’s scents. They are one of the few places I can find scented candles and oils that don’t give me a monstrous headache. A while back I had purchased a couple plain diffuser sets to try out. I loved them and realized I wanted more around the house.

Then some recessive crafting gene kicked into active-status and a lightbulb went off. I have several lovely (small) glass bottles that I’ve collected in years past that sit and collect dust on my shelves. And shish kebab skewers are typically made of bamboo (reeds). And Pier 1 sells their oil in bulk refill bottles. See where I’m going with this?

I now have three very attractive, unique oil diffusers. Or rather I will have once they dry – I had to wash the dust accumulation out of them first and I can’t get a towel inside to get all the water out. Evaporation will have to do its thing.

My scents are Ember and Ginger Peach, but the Citrus Cilantro is also a favorite of mine (I have many CC candles in the house), especially in the spring. The Island Orchard candles  are also nice, especially in spring or summer, but I find the oil cloyingly sweet and don’t like it.

What are your favorite scents? Do they change with the seasons?


3 thoughts on “Craft Time – Oil Diffusers

  1. I just started lighting candles yesterday! I have one diffuser bottle that’s empty. I should look into getting some oil to use in it!

    I typically like fruity scents over floral ones. In anything. Candles, diffuser oil, bath stuff, etc. I also love cinnamon, especially in the fall and winter.

    • I am the same way! Preferrably citrusy scents. The Pier 1 “ember” scent is very spicy smelling…sort of cloves mixed with cinnamon. Perfect for fall, I think. And the “ginger peach” is really what it sounds like…spicy peach fruit scent.

      I am sure if you are feeling particularly crafty, there are recipies out on the web for making your own oil – my guess would be that you’d mix mineral oil with various oil essences, but I am not sure where you’d get the essence oils.

  2. I think I’m a bit weird. I love candles and scents but I don’t really like them in my home. In general, I just like my house to smell like home and not like “Christmas Apple Spice” or something.

    That being said, I do (occasionally) light a scented candle. When I do my most favorite scents don’t remind me of soap and don’t try to smell like fresh baked cakes or chocolate. I tend to go for cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, flowers, pine. Nothing too crazy.

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