Shopping Spree

Had a little spree today – it has been a while and it was fun. (And I was good about making sure it was only stuff that I needed.)

First I went into town and got my hair done…about time too. It was getting pretty scraggly looking. Now I am once again hawt. Or something.

After that, I hit up the pet store and got a huge bag of cat litter. (Exciting stuff, eh? The life of a menagerie keeper.)

Now, onto the fun stuff! Target! I love Target and try not to visit too often because I always end up spending money – at least this time it was a purposeful trip. I was there for some sort of exercise mat and some hand-weights. I found a travel yoga mat – microfiber backed with rubber. Light enough that I can fold it up and take it with me when I travel. I also picked up two three-pound hand weights. I know, tiny things to most folks, but they will work aplenty on my weak arms.

Then I wandered through the activewear department and discovered that most of the Champion stuff was on sale. Unfortunately, they had a very limited, poor selection in the women’s department…that, and they don’t carry the plus sizes in-store so that limits my selection even further when looking for tops.  However, I am not at all against wearing men’s shirts and they have a very nice selection over there. The breakdown ended up like this: the women’s department turned out a pair of shorts, a pair of running pants, and a jacket (in teal). The men’s department handed over two long-sleeve t-shirts, two short-sleeve t-shirts and a sleeveless shirt. (I really dig the C9 stuff Champion sells at Target.)

I still have to try everything on (I hate dressing rooms), so some of it may get returned, but most of it should be good. Now to go use some of it…time for a run.


5 thoughts on “Shopping Spree

  1. Yay for shopping success! I was out for three hours today looking around. I actually ended up buying a couple of things too. I try and avoid shopping (especially for clothes – well pants) as much as I can!

    • Oh I hear that…I HATE shopping for pants. Thankfully, sweats are pretty easy (they stretch and all). 😉 However, after trying everything on, the two long-sleeve shirts and the sleeveless shirt don’t fit and the t-shirts are snug, but are comfortable and will be much more flattering as I lose some more weight. LOL

  2. I like the C9 stuff too. they made some really cute running skirts, but at the moment, i feel too heavy to wear them…maybe by the time we have our half.

    Do you guys have the NIke outlet near Charlotte, or is it all up in Burlington NC?

    • Yeah, a couple of the t-shirts I got are not at all flattering, but they are SUPER comfortable and light-weight, so I guess I don’t care (much). LOL

      There is an outlet mall down in Gaffney, SC which is about an hour from where I am, so closer than the Burlington stores for me, but I seem to be up north more often than south – Nike has good gear? I’ll be spending a week in Raleigh in December so I might have to do some shopping if you think it’s worth the stop.

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