Friday Night @ The Double Door

Neil and I went out Friday night! (For those of you who don’t know me well, this is a major announcement. I never go out anymore. I am slightly agoraphobic, but not in a debilitating way, I just prefer to stay home and avoid crowded places as much as possible.)

We had a blast! Well, I did anyway. I assume Neil did too as we both stayed almost until the bar closed. Neil was there to take photos – our friends Kathy and Bill both have bands that played along with a third band. I might add that Bill and Kathy are some of my favorite people…but not only are they good people, they both have loads of musical talent.

Bill Noonan & The Barbed Wires opened the night…I’ve never gotten to see Bill perform, so that was a special treat for me! Next up was Leadville Social Club – I have never seen them perform either. Bill also plays in this band (the man gets around, I tell ya!). Much fun. A different sound than what I was expecting, but I really liked it. Last up for the night was Kathy’s band, South 85. These ladies and gents are awesome! South 85 also had a special guest – Roscoe (aka Eric Ambel). The man can play a guitar like nothing I’ve ever seen before…so much fun!!! At the end of the night, everyone got together and took turns jamming.

You can find both South 85 and Bill Noonan on iTunes. I highly recommend checking them both out! I also recommend Leadville Social Club – it looks like they have a My Space page where you might be able to find their music.

Unrelated to the music, check out Chris Edwards’ photo site. When he isn’t playing with Leadville Social Club he is apparently taking gorgeous photos. I was particularly taken with his portraits…

Last but not least, you can find Neil’s photos from the night on his Flickr page.

Good times, great people, fun music…I really should make myself do this more often!


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